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11:59 p.m. - 2019-09-08
Run your hands across the surface of your world
Feel where the threads of your diaphanous self snag on ridges and mountains
catch in your throat against the agony
you find in eyes, before you swiftly look away.

Hume cannot be right, we can determine
From the shape of a thing some traits of its howling silent maker
Hume cannot be wrong, because if so
we are babies with cruel knives strapped to our limbs set loose to play

You can use this to your advantage if you can still feel
If your fingers have not been blunted with too many needlesticks
Find where other catch and pull them in
It works even if they know you are doing it.

The Cruelty Engine

Went and saw the second half of It. Excellent acting all around. There's a certain in joke with Stephen King endings woven throughout. The ending wasn't great, but it wasn't Dark Tower bad either.

I identify overly with these suffering children, because my world seems to slide down if not kept in place. I wish Cody would talk to me. I wish that my friends didn't have to reach their hands down into the filth of human failings so much, because I know how much pain they pull in even if they don't. They are the helpers, and I want to protect them from hard hearts because I know how much I have lost with just the little slivers of pain I've heard.

I guess part of me is glad that all these things wear down in time.



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