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8:33 p.m.

You must enact the ritual
They say it keeps the sun in motion.

In the morning you will enter the consecrated contraption,
Hume would tell you the design is not
you affix the faith of countless patriarchs
tefillin of nylon fibers will protect you.

I-35 is caked in broken bodies of the dreamless
Every inch of it in sacrificial blood
It takes a lot, to equal a man
but it can be done
We keep Tonatiuh moving
as a stone down a hill he garners momentum

You can feel it as you drive,
Keeping him going with each ochre smear
With every exclamation before the crunch of skull
under sacred rubber.

Bloodthirst is inappropriate in commutes,
and yet it is still universal

We speed the sun, and the sun speeds us.

Aztec Accellerando

Maybe we can stay for one more year.

I think i'm losing it again. If anyone is reading this, i'm selfishly putting my sister before my wife in hopes that she will be financially solvent and thus care for our parents when they can no longer care for themselves. She's livid about it, all the time, because she wants to live by ourselves, but there are several barriers to this.

First of all, no matter how it is cut, we do not live will on our own. I get resentful and I have no one to blame. My need of scapegoats has driven me to idiotic lengths. I don't know why I make the decisions that I make, but at the same time that third self which does not speak is guiding me to do stupid things.

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